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Everybody loves a good story and people particularly enjoy those stories when they are cast in dramatic form. In a well-performed play, we feel every heartbeat while we root for our hero. We feel the anger and despair. We feel the passion. We feel and join in the laughter and the tears.

The Online Stage prides itself on quality theatrical productions, in which we reach out to our audiences to introduce them to works, both known and unknown.

If you are interested in learning about or listening to spoken audio drama, or if you feel you could contribute to our cause, please feel free to contact us.

About Us

The Online Stage is a collective of narrators and actors who have come together to create high quality productions of classic dramatic works in audio format.



Membership Inquiries

Membership of The Online Stage is initiated by invitation from an administrator or qualified producer at The Online Stage.

To be considered for membership a narrator must meet the following qualifications:
 ability to provide recordings of a high standard of audio quality
 ability to perform dramatic roles
 demonstrated experience in audio production

Members of the public are welcome to approach us with general inquiries via the Contact Us page.


Administration Group


Sweet with a Splash of Sass. Amanda has a BA in Theatre and has been a stage actor in plays and musicals for over 25 years. Born and raised in the Midwest, she is a professional audiobook narrator and voiceover artist most recently working with Tantor Audio among others. Amanda loves being able to create and breathe life into beloved characters from classic literature to contemporary novels. She is passionate about the arts and bringing high quality audio productions into homes the world over.


Anna is a voice and stage actor in West Michigan. She has participated in numerous productions and operas in her area. A social worker by day, Anna appreciates the creative outlet acting provides. Anna participates in dramatic audio productions using various accents and has been a member of Voices of Today and The Online Stage since 2018.


Andy Harrington

Andy Harrington has always found reading silently a bit too relaxing, and prefers to read out loud. His interest in professional narration and voice acting was sparked in 2016 as a natural marriage of his love of performing on the stage, the written word, and technical expertise gained through his career at a video production house. His hobbies include community theatre, playing guitar, collecting old school video games, singing karaoke, and of course listening to audiobooks and podcasts. He lives with his young son in Midland, Michigan, a town just to the right of the middle of the “mitten” and has a Bachelor’s degree in Film and Video Studies from the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts at the University of Michigan.


P. J. Morgan

“Period drama class with supervillain sass.” With a background in theatre and opera, a degree in Linguistics, a prior career casting and directing voice talent, and a lifelong passion for telling stories, P. J. brings a broad skillset to her narration work. She has narrated over 140 titles to date, from Sci-Fi to non-fiction, for BeeAudio, Audible Studios, Pink Flamingo Productions, Findaway Voices, Spoken Realms, and many independent authors. P. J. is especially interested in stories featuring diverse characters, unusual protagonists, and sympathetic villains. Member SAG-AFTRA / APA / PANA.

Grace Keller Scotch

Grace is a stage and voice actor whose experience ranges from performing Shakespeare outdoors in a spandex bodysuit in front of 200 people, to recording audiobooks and podcasts in her tiny home studio. She has an MFA in Performing Arts from SCAD Savannah, and a double BA in Literary Studies and Arts & Performance from the University of Texas at Dallas. Grace lives in Southern California with her partner, their cat, and a number of precariously maintained potted plants.

lee ann howlett

Intriguing. Articulate. Confident. A seasoned voice with a story to tell. Lee Ann has been a professional narrator since 2011 with over 85 books available on Audible. A three-time nominee for the Independent Audiobook Awards, 2018-2019, Lee Ann’s work ranges from classics to nonfiction.
She is a member of Voices of Today in addition to The Online Stage.


Erin believes that whether it’s a small expression of compassion, an epic adventure of friendship or a cautionary tale, the truth, life and love the storyteller speaks shapes our world from the inside out. She prides herself in bringing the same authenticity and care to characters in voice that authors do in their writing. She has voiced debutantes, murderers, blob-fish, matrons, flibbertigibbets, witches and struggling teens. Character work is her favorite part of voice acting. Her training at Berkeley Repertory School of Theater in voice over, improv, acting and dialect fuels her love of theater and is a departure from her Industrial Design degree which serves as the basis for her geeking out about booth design and acoustics. Erin is a proud Oaklander, but still has a soft spot for tales of the Southwest where she grew up in the heart of the Sonoran desert.








Board of Directors

Amanda Friday

 Anna Worbois

 Andy Harrington



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